My name is Joona Puurunen. I’m a graphic designer and an art director (BA). You can think of me as a doctor who specializes in shapes, colors, typography, pictures, ideas, sounds and touch. I’ll dissect them, experiment with them, mix ‘em up and put them back together. Ok, that sounds more like a mad scientist, but… well fine, just think of me as a mad scientist. With a sense of style.

And talking about style, the saying ‘less is more‘ is the key influence in my design and I’m a strong advocate of minimalism and simplistic approach with high attention to detail. My core expertise is creating visual entities. That means things like corporate identities, package designs, print design, and so on. I’m also lucky to know a huge range of crazy skilled photographers, programmers, video production people etc., who can help me out with all kinds of magical stuff.
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